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From Static to Dynamic
Web Designs

Digital Konnects offers both static as well as dynamic web designs according to your business needs. A static website is coded with plain HTML and is a basic website design suited for start-ups or smaller businesses. Dynamic web design, on the other hand, is coded with PHP( server-side programming language). Our designs give you a competitive edge with effective results.

User-friendly and Responsive Web Design

Our responsive web designs allow your customers to view your website on any type of screen. Digital Konnects creates user-friendly websites that are visually appealing, as well as engaging. For professional website designs in Mumbai, connect with Digital Konnects!
Responsive Website Design Agency in Mumbai

Content Management System

We manage the content that goes on your website, from high-def photos, engaging videos, and SEO-rich content. Our creative team brews fresh and innovative ideas every day so that you can have the latest trends featured on your website.

Web Redesign Services

Not only are we experts at creation, but we can also skilfully transform your existing page to make it more attractive. Digital Konnects enhances your vision and helps you turn your simple web page into the website of your dreams.

eCommerce Web Design
and Development

Digital Konnects works on creating eCommerce websites that allow smooth and secure transactions. Our design will not only 'Wow' your existing consumer base but also help you bring in more leads. You can easily manage your eCommerce business page through the admin panel without the intricate knowledge of web development.

Website Management

Digital Konnects is a dynamic digital marketing and website development team in Mumbai. Our in-house expert panel helps you resolve existing issues with your webpage, design your eCommerce website, and also help with content creation. We help you with setup and initiation and also do regular checks to keep your website updated.
Website Management Services in Mumbai

Need a Web Design and Development Services?

The goal is to help our clients reach maximum online visibility through SEO-rich content and a website that attracts customers.
Digital Konnects curates the web design according to the client's brief, brand-image, and brand-message. You dream, we design!
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