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A Logo is the brand’s identity, which impacts the perception of the consumer. Great Logo design is easy to identify and is a symbolic representation of your company that tells your story. It also provides a means of trust and quality intent associated with good brands. Once you have an impactful logo, you can base your website theme, colors, etc. on its design. Create a unique experience for your clients through your social media campaigns to engage more people with your brand.
In the digital space, we consider the logo as one of the most impactful brand investments. A good logo design is simple yet impactful, easy to remember, and versatile. Remember, you will be using your logo across multiple platforms- digital as well as physical. Digital Konnects offers Logo design services that are curated as per the soul of your business.
With a smart and innovative consultant like Digital Konnects, you can now increase your online presence and generate traffic to your website. PPC allows you to bid for the top spots on search engines when someone uses a keyword related to your brand or business. So you can imagine the value placed on simple yet effective keyword optimization. Powerful PPC allows you to generate traffic to your website, which makes the cost per click very trivial in the long-run.
At Digital Konnects, we understand the analytics behind keyword searches and help our clients optimize their ads and content accordingly. We put in a lot of work and creativity in our PPC campaigns. Digital Konnects starts with keyword research and organizes them into effective ad campaigns. We also set up PPC landing pages for your business, which increases conversion. We make your PPC landing page engaging and help you create intelligently targeted ads that are rewarded by search engines by charging you less per click.

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