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An excellent digital market strategy does not overlook the awesomeness of Emails. Four billion people around the world have an email account functional today. ROI for the email channel is one of the highest for digital marketers, $1 generates up to $44. Digital Konnects helps you create impactful emailers and Newsletters that inspire brand loyalty, trust, and visibility.
Newsletters are a handy tool in the email marketing kit, a visually appealing and content-rich newsletter allows your customer to feel excited about your brand. Once your emailer or newsletter reaches a person’s inbox, they have the freedom to look at it with leisure. The creative team at Digital Konnects comes up with fresh ideas that turn it into awesome content which we strategically use to improve your sales.

What is an Email Newsletter, and how does it help you?

An Email Newsletter is a curated snippet of the latest news, information, and tips on how to best use your product. These can be weekly or monthly emails for you to send your existing clients or potential customers. Digital Konnects helps you structure the perfect email newsletter that has high definition graphics and smart content.
Your website link is included in each newsletter that helps drive traffic and generate more leads. We balance your brand advertising with fun blogs, interesting tit-bits, pictures, and informative articles. The idea is to create a community around your brand that helps you grow a sustainable business. The power of great content is tremendous, and we at Digital Konnects help you create it.

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